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 EMStat 5 Updates

Change Log Key:
ADDED = New feature was added
CHANGED = Change made to existing feature
FIXED = Fix applied to existing feature

Build Date: 5/9/11
Build Number:

ADDED: Added the Intermedix Support hyperlink to the Start Menu -> Med Media -> EMStat folder.

ADDED: New Response Outcomes for Hawaii providers.

ADDED: More informative messages when an invalid password is entered upon logging in.

CHANGED: Improved EMStat5 performance when the Med Media server is offline but the provider has a internet connection

FIXED: The right FIPS is chosen if there is an old FIPS in the local database still.

FIXED: When there was duplicated users in the local database, it would keep prompting the provider to keep changing their password.

FIXED: When EMStat5 would prompt a provider to change their password and the provider used the same password within three password ago, it would inform them about it
and then close the password prompt screen.

FIXED: Some Stat Assessment choices wouldn't come over in the Narrative when they used the Narrative Template.

FIXED: When Provider 1 forces off Provider 2 in EMStat5, Provider 2 would still be considered logged on in EMStat5. This would cause problems if they only had 1 CAL.

FIXED: Dual company issue for charts being uploaded to the wrong company. This would happen if a chart was created under Company A locally, but uploaded when Company B found the internet.

FIXED: Changed some CARES values that were being saved wrong and uploaded incorrectly to the CARES website.

Build Date: 12/28/10
Build Number: 5.1.10

ADDED: Automatic account lock out; if an account hasn't logged onto EMStat5/WebCUR in the period of when their password expires, they will be locked out until a manager unlocks them.

ADDED: Saving ZOL and PCO files for EKG attachments.

CHANGED: Clear out user's password when they failed a log in attempt.

FIXED: Null error when EMStat5 was getting a list of locked users from WebCUR.

FIXED: When EMStat5 locks out due to inactivity, sometimes the user wouldnt appear in the User Name picklist and the list would be empty.

FIXED: Dual company issue with the new security changes.

Build Date: 11/08/10
Build Number: 5.1.07

ADDED: Security change--added the ability to determine the length of a password.

ADDED: Security change--added account lock out, provider's account will be locked out after 3 consecutive failed login attempts.

ADDED: Security change--added automatic reactivation, if enabled, once an account is locked out, it will become re-enabled once X amount of hours has passed.

ADDED: Security change--added password history, if enabled, the provider can't use the past 3 passwords when changing their password.

ADDED: Security change--added the ability to determine the strength of a password

ADDED: Security change--added the option for EMStat5/WebCUR to lock out after X amount of minutes of inactivity.

ADDED: Added Incident Area, Contributing Factors and Diversion fields for CA customers.

ADDED: Allowing providers to add any type of attachment when using the "Attach File" button from the Narrative tab.

FIXED: Self rule error when billing item was the only billing item required. (bughound # 39195)

FIXED: PCR printout does not display Incident ZIP if State is missing (bughound # 39215)

FIXED: EMStat 5 would freeze up if Certificate of Medical Necessity was chosen/saved then disabled and re-opened. (bughound # 39231)

FIXED: Text and pick boxes are hidden when message pops up in Incident Location Lookup.

FIXED: Resize the Incident Location Look Up - Street Name field to 30 characters long.

FIXED: Received an error when loading a Referring Doctor who has an apostrophe in the name.

FIXED: Tabbing order, when tabbing off the Physician on the Patient tab, if physician was entered as text. (bughound # 39089)

FIXED: Accommodated for all attachment types (PdF vs PDF vs pdf).

Build Date: 07/12/10
Build Number: 5.1.04

ADDED: Ability for EMStat5 to handle the following states: Florida, Texas, Louisiana, California, Oregon

ADDED: The ability to add/edit/disable GOLD elements in the Support List Editor. The following fields were included; Personnel Exposed,
Protective Equipment Used, Condition Code Number, Registry Candidate, and Suspected Contact Blood/Body Fluids.

ADDED: Updated list of drugs imported from the EKG Interface within EMStat5.

ADDED: Add approximately 60 Protocol items.

FIXED: An apostrophe in the name of a Signature Document would cause an error within EMStat5 when saving PCRs.

FIXED: Managers did not see all PCR's in local mode.

FIXED: L.A. Stroke Study wasn't sorting by time in the Events grid.

FIXED: The fields can now handle more than 32,000 data items.

FIXED: GOLD Items under Vital Signs; wasn't being prompted for Invalid Crew Member in the Incomplete Items list upon saving.

FIXED: Fixed an issue of how it is displayed if there is an ampersand in the name of an ICD9 code.

CHANGED: In the CPR box on the Events / Misc tab, First Monitored Rhythm has been change to First Monitored Arrest Rhythm.

Build Date: 03/08/2010
Build Number: 5.1.00

ADDED: CARES, which is the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival. When activated, this feature allows additional fields to be captured when the Provider Impression is Cardiac Arrest, or a treatment of CPR is chosen, and when Events / Treatments / Misc / CPR - has the Cardiac Arrest field set as Yes. The CARES button will then appear at the bottom of the CPR box. This option is controlled in the Tools / Configuration box.

ADDED: Self Rules, where a manager can make any non NEMSIS or non State required items required in a PCR. This option is controlled in the Tools / Configuration / Advanced tab.

ADDED: Added a manager option to disable the auto spell checker in the narrative. This option is controlled in the Tools / Configuration box.

ADDED: Added the ability to make Prior Medications and Allergies active/not active in EMStat5. This is controlled in the Tools / Support Lists / Common category.

FIXED: When using the "fast keys" - typing in a Receiving Agency/Incident Location/Pick Up Location will automatically populate the address if the address is in the system.

FIXED: Fixed an 'Overflow 6' message that would rarely occur when changing the year of the PCR.

Build Date: 01/07/2010
Build Number:
FIXED: In Patient LookUp, some situations where the PMH, Meds and Allergies would not import from the old PCR.

FIXEDA rare message of "Object variable or with block variable not set" would display after saving a PCR.

Build Date: 12/02/09
Build Number:
********************************************************************************************** ADDED: All of the pick lists (except for multi-select) now allow tabbing into the corresponding field and the added ability of typing the first character(s) to get the item faster.

ADDED: Medications can now have a default Dosage, Unit, Route and Qty associated to them. This is set up in the Support Lists / Common / Medications.

ADDED:  An Incident State selection box.

ADDED: A secondary fax number.

ADDED: Feature where a locked PCR can not be overwritten.

ADDED:  Ability for the PCR Number box to be moved around when choosing to Edit, Print or Fax.

ADDED:  The Patients Race will import when using the Look Up feature

FIXED:  In the Non-Emergency form, a message would pop up if a Reason for Transport item had an apostrophe.

FIXED:  EKG at Hospital is no longer required if the Response Outcome is something other than Transported.

FIXED:  EKG Rhythm is required for additional EKG Types.

FIXED:  The narrative font increased one size when choosing an item from the new Data Element pick list.

FIXED:  Problem with editing times in a Non-Emergency form when the CAD import was used.

FIXED:  Keyboard functionality in multi-select pick boxes.

Build Date: 09/17/09
Build Number:

ADDED: Some of the pick lists now allow tabbing into the corresponding field and the added ability of typing the first character(s) to get the item faster. The fields are: Provider Log-on, Station, Provider 1, 2, 3 and 4, MCD/FIPS, Provider Impression, Provider Impression Secondary, Signs & Symptoms, Cause of Injury, Medication, and Receiving Agency.

ADDED: On the Dispatch tab / Incident Location, there is a new corporal stripes that allows you to pick your own entered locations (done in the Support List / Common). It is the Incident Location Look Up. It searches based upon Location Name, Street Number and Street Address.

ADDED: EMStat Event Log now shows it the provider chose Yes or No to Locking the PCR.

FIXED: Trying to edit a PCR that has an attachment with a "." in the name of the file itself would throw an error.

FIXED: Unable to clear out Procedure Authorization in the Events tab.

FIXED: When the patient number is entered with GOLD disabled, then GOLD is enabled and the PCR is edited, the patient number should go to the Recv box.

FIXED: With GOLD enabled and a Sending and Rcv patient number are entered, print both on the PCR and Billing page printouts.

FIXED: The only time the Dest. Mileage box is grayed out is when Response Outcome is Cancelled or Patient Refusal.

FIXED: Enabled the Billing Page for the Response Outcome of No Treatment Required.

FIXED: Limited First and Last Name boxes to 20 characters. (NEMSIS rule)

FIXED: Non Emergency PCR - Dispatch tab, tabbing order was cleaned up.

Build Date: 8/24/09
Build Number:

FIXED: Field too small message in L.A. Stroke Survey if the providers name is more than 20 characters.
FIXED: Subscript out of Range message if a PCR was unlocked, was in the audit mode, and more HxPI items were added than were originally entered in the PCR.
FIXED: Subscript out of Range message if no items were in the Events grid and a new item was added that has required fields, and one of the required fields was not chosen.
FIXED: Adjusted the database encrypting so it would not interfere with the Auto Save function.

Build Date: 7/21/09
Build Number:
ADDED: Added single Data Element feature to the Narrative portion of a PCR. This will allow the provider to add a single data element to their narrative.

ADDED: "Preliminary Report" watermark on PCR printout(s) for PCR's that are not locked.

ADDED: Mouse-less entry into the GCS screen on the Vitals tab on the Events window. When you tab into any of the three GCS fields and hit the 'Enter' key, it will open the GCS screen.

ADDED: When using the File Attachment feature, it will remember the last location where you attached a file. This will save the provider the hassle of changing folders every time they attach a file to a PCR.

ADDED: If there are too many PCR's on the local database, it will alert the provider once there are 15 local PCR's. The message will change as more local PCR's accumulate.

ADDED: Added the ability to lock PCR's. The PCR's can only be locked once they are completed. Once locked, PCR's can not be opened, however they can be viewed or printed from the Home screen. Only a manager can unlock a locked PCR via WebCUR.

ADDED: Allows faxing of Completed/Locked PCR's.

ADDED: Military Information requirements are now in place.

ADDED: Display the number of PCR's being uploaded when the provider logs onto EMStat5 and sends PCR's up to WebCUR.

ADDED: EMD Card field is now available when NEMSIS GOLD is enabled.

ADDED: If cancel is hit on the Narrative screen, a message will pop up and warn the user that changes will be lost.

ADDED: Patient Name will now import into the Signature form(s).

CHANGED: Scroll/highlight the last added/edited item in the Events window. Will also highlight last item on Events tab.

CHANGED: Gray out the Destination Mileage field if Transported isn't chosen as a Response Outcome.

CHANGED: 'Set as Address' button in the Incident Location screen will now warn if no address was entered when the button is clicked. It will also warn if there is any pre-existing Patient information entered in the Patient tab / demographic area.

CHANGED: When Response Outcome is Care Transferred, the grayed out Arrive Rcv time field has been changed to "Transfer Time" and is available to enter in a time.

CHANGED: Disabled the Billing page for Hawaii on all Response Outcomes except Transported and Care Transferred.

CHANGED: Medical Dispatch 4 interface additions are now completed.

FIXED: The Home Page HTML now updates when you switch between companies on EMStat5.

FIXED: The Signature Form would crash if you moved the taskbar around while it was displaying.

FIXED: The Patient Number was not displaying correctly in the Billing Page printout when the GOLD setting was enabled.

FIXED: An item would display incorrectly when a '&' was in that specific item.

FIXED: In local mode, at the home screen, the Dispatch Time was displaying without the colon.

FIXED: Fixed the issue of the Narrative page Cancel button being highlighted after using the Spell Checker.

FIXED: Removed duplicated E3 and O3 from the Military Information window, Military Rank pick list.

FIXED: Fixed an issue of where the Assisting Unit on the Billing page would not save correctly.

FIXED: Removed the ability to add a letter to the end of a PCR number other than R.

FIXED: Fixes the Receiving Agency pick list when a Response Outcome is created with the association of Care Transfer.

FIXED: Fixed an error that would pop up if two Research Codes are entered together.

FIXED: Complete Non Emergency PCR's would not display in WebBill complete list when the default Response Outcome was made inactive.

Build Date: 5/20/09
Build Number:
ADDED: "Cancel" button to the Narrative window and replaced "Back with "OK".

ADDED: Assisting Unit on the Billing Page will automatically populate in real-time based upon what was selected as the Assisting Unit in the PCR.

ADDED: The ability to add only comments in the Events window. The comment will be attached to the Event type in which it was entered. (Ex: "No vitals taken" being associated with Vitals tab)

ADDED: Added the ability to receive MedicalDispatch 4 imports and format accordingly. Requires MMCAD Version 5.0.111+.

CHANGED: Re-organized the signature window buttons to prevent signers from bumping the buttons with their hand.

CHANGED: The "Injury Present" checkbox control on the Assess tab has been changed to "Yes/No" buttons.

CHANGED: The "Injury Present" field is now a required field.

CHANGED: Changed the label of "Patient Condition" to "Patient Condition on Scene" on the Assess tab.

CHANGED: Changed the label of "Condition at Facility" to "Patient Condition at Facility" on the Transport tab.

CHANGED: Made Referring Physician on the Billing page a textbox. The Corporal Stripes next to the label will still act as a pick list box.

CHANGED: Changed the maximum values for a few of the Vital Signs fields: ETCO2 -> 100; BGL -> 2,000; DBP -> 300; Pulse -> 500; Resp. -> 100; SBP -> 400.

FIXED: Prevent images from being pasted into the Narrative Template Editor.

FIXED: The Billing page was still being printed even though "Force Print Preview" option was selected in the Configuration settings.

FIXED: Previously you couldn't change a PCR number with an R at the end to a non-R PCR number.

FIXED: WebCUR reporting for Insurance companies. Itemindex was incomplete in Insurance selections on the Billing page.

FIXED: Certain IV/IO events were being displayed in pink (incomplete) because certain IV/IO events don't require a fluid or rate unless they are marked as successful.

FIXED: Corrected Narrative Templates issue of saving with no GUID in the Index when a template included an apostrophe.

FIXED: When clicking the "Clear" button on the Injury Man window, the bottom, right hand corner of the image was not being cleared out completely.

FIXED: Changed the number of Injury Man undo's to 15; this will prevent the "Out of memory" error messages.

FIXED: Prevent tildes from being entered in a Narrative Template name when saving a Narrative Template.

Build Date: 4/09/09
Build Number:
ADDED: Made GOLD element registry switch visible for local manager configuration.

FIXED: Made GOLD elements not create problems if manager turns on or off GOLD elements between PCR creation and future edits.

ADDED: EMSTAT 5 Updates link on the Help Screen.

ADDED: PSAP Number included for non-emergency PCRs on the Main tab.

CHANGED: Showing Diagnosis on PCR printout for non-emergency PCRs.

CHANGED: Only allow the maximum of 100 attempts for Events items in Event tab.

CHANGED: Changed universal password.

FIXED: The font color still stays red after you close the Narrative pop-up on the Narrative tab. It should only be red for spell checking purposes and should go away after you navigate away from the Narrative pop-up.

FIXED: Changed ETCO2's max number to 100.

Build Date: 3/12/09
Build Number:
ADDED: Added the ability to allow the providers to move the Signature Capture screen around to accommodate for people that write right handed and left handed.

CHANGED: Disabled Signature Form Selection screen once Signature is open on Patient tab, this will prevent the opening of multiple forms.

Build Date: 2/18/09
Build Number:
CHANGED: Made the necessary EMStat changes to force users into local mode if the WebCUR login authentication fails for some reason when users log into EMStat. This will only occur when WebCUR is shut down or the PA servers are up and the HI servers are down.

Build Date: 2/23/09
Build Number:
ADDED: New embedded MM Sig program which is in EMStat5 format, the button is located in the Patient tab.

ADDED: Zip Code lookup for populating City and State if applicable in all Address fields.

FIXED: If 'Disable Narrative in Lookup' is disabled in Configuration, this would disable 'Insurance Lookup' option in the 'Patient Lookup' window.

CHANGED: Delete the old 'Med_Media.dct' file once the words have been merged to the new dictionary file for the new Spell Checker/Dictionary within E5.

CHANGED: For non-emergency PCR's, the date should be set based on "Arrive" time when Events windows loads.

FIXED: Stat Assess items weren't being displayed on the Stat Assess grid when being selected. Wouldn't display original item if the new one was associated with it.

FIXED: The provider was able to enter a L.A. Stroke Survey without a date/time when the date/time was defaulted to blank in the Configuration window.

FIXED: If the PCR was at yesterday's date and the time was ahead of the current time, it would set it to the current time, and not the Patient time.

Build Date: 2/2/09
Build Number:
ADDED: "BARF" (Brief Ambulance Report Form) button to Home window toolbar. This button will only be visible if "BARF.exe" is found in the EMStat 5 program folder.

FIXED: When adding insurance information in the "Patient" tab, the information was not displaying in the grid on the Billing page when the Billing page was loaded.

FIXED: The Flow Chart was not always rebuilding properly in the "Events" tab of the PCR report after adding/editing events in the Events window.