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Desktop EMS Data Collection Needs
Product Description
Med Media’s EMStat 5 combines the best features of a desktop and a mobile solution into one product. EMStat 5 follows the progressive workflow of an EMS call and helps the user to complete patient care reporting and required data collection in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods and other stagnant electronic solutions. EMStat works offline or when connected to the internet.

EMStat 5 utilizes the power of our WebCUR solution to automatically download updates and administrative changes each time the computer connects to the WebCUR system. PCR’s may be reviewed online for quality assurance. Standard administrative reports may be generated at the touch of a button and customized reports may be created by using our ad hoc query builder and exported to Excel. Additional virtual offices features such as text paging, calendaring, certification tracking and document storage are included in the system.

EMStat 5 automates all functions in a manner that minimizes entry errors and effectively collects data required by the Department of Health and other Federal agencies. EMStat 5 even employs visual and aural cues to indicate the absence of required data prior to closing a PCR. EMStat 5 meets the requirements as defined by NHSTA 2.1 Silver compliance but is designed to meet specific requirements that vary from state to state.

Paperless Features

MM Sig™ with Scan & Attach
The MM Sig™ module in EMStat™ permits the agency to collect signatures from patients and professionals. The agency can create custom forms within the module that are unique to the organization. Paper documents, EKG strips, digital images and any other file type may be electronically attached to the PCR or Administrative view of the record. EMS personnel can electronically sign the PCR on a mobile or desktop computer. Once saved, the ePCR is stored in a .pdf format for portability.

Hospital Access
Receiving hospitals authorized for access in the WebCUR™ system can receive charts electronically. Authorized hospital users of the system can log in and download trips after permission has been granted by the EMS organization. The hospital only sees ePCR’s on which they are marked as the receiving facility. Multiple permitted users at the hospital are able to access the ePCR. The EMS organization maintains access control to the hospitals. The WebCUR™ Hospital Access system electronically tracks users as they access the record.

The browser-based WebPCR™ application is accessible by authorized users from any current web browser. Access is limited to locations where internet access is available. The use of WebPCR™ can be combined with our EMStat™ application or used alone without client software. Contact your Med Media representative for more information.

Extent of Use
Med Media, Inc. has over 750 clients utilizing our products across the United States and its territories. Med Media, Inc. has developed the infrastructure for several regional and statewide systems including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Iowa, North Dakota, Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Specifications and Differentiators
EMStat 5 is able to integrate with other records management systems. This is important to allow your data to be sent to internal and external sources as needed. Applications include integration with CAD, third-party billing services, surveillance systems and patient monitoring devices. EMStat 5 integrates with the leading EMS billing software vendors. A billing module to send information from EMStat is available for Code 3 Billing, Inc., RAM Billing, Sweetsoft Amazon Billing, Integrated Services, Inc. and Zoll Data Systems, Inc. EMStat and WebCUR use an open-standards format to easily integrate with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) programs such as Medical Dispatch, records management systems and surveillance systems. Med Media's software also works with popular EMS billing services such as Professional Claims Company, Inc., Cornerstone AdminiSystems, MED3000, EMS Management & Consultants, EmBill, AmbCoach and Ambulance Reimbursement Systems, Inc.



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